1. Get Ready

Making the Decision to Open Your Home. Weighing the potential risk of opening your home against the opportunity to bring in additional income is a difficult decision to make, but many owners find that the pros far outweigh the cons.

Included in this area:

  • Learning to trust
  • Tips from the Community

Deciding to Rent

2. Set

Understanding the Upside. Renting your second home just a few weeks each year could help offset some costs.  Once you've decided to open up your vacation home to renters, review your monthly costs and booking seasons to determine income potential.                   

Included in this area:

  • Understand your break-even point
  • Income Calculator

Generating Income

3. Go

Advertise Your Home. Depending on how you decide to market your home, advertising is the first step to earning rental income. Determine whether word-of-mouth, renting by owner, or using a property manager best fits your needs.                         

Included in this area:

  • Advertising Options
  • PM Directory

Getting Started

Not Yet Ready to Rent?

Whether you’re just considering the idea of rentals or you are simply evaluating how to spread the word about your vacation home, we can help.